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La SOLID T6 de Microplex est une imprimante multifonctionnelle sans impact basée sur la technologie d'impression thermique. L'imprimante peut être utilisée pour l'impression par transfert thermique ainsi que pour l'impression thermique directe. En raison de sa large éventail d'applications, vous pouvez utiliser l'imprimante SOLID T6 pour imprimer toutes sortes d'informations comme les codes barres, des caractères alphanumériques et graphiques vectoriels.
This device not only knows one device-specific page description language as standard thermal printers usually do, but most of the languages used in the industrial field and the well-known market standards of laserprinters, too.
The SOLID T6 is provided with a controller that is also used in SOLID laserprinters. So the advantages of the thermal print technology are combined with the flexibility of the “laserprinter intelligence”.
The controller has its integrated website with information on the printer status and the printjob status.
Data can be sent without programming expenditure from almost any software platform, because printer drivers are already available for this.
The capabilities featured include the MICROPLEX page description language IDOL. Using this language, complex tasks such as the creation of forms can be carried out by simple software commands (see separate IDOL manual).
The resolution is 300 dots per inch corresponding to about 12 dots per millimeter.
The print speed is 100 to 300 mm/second.
Roll-fed media as well as continuous-media can be printed on.
The maximum processable width of media is 254 mm (SOLID T8), 213 mm of that are printable.

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